Sunny Dhillon

Sunny graduated with a Masters in Computer Science in the year 2000. Sunny developed software in many different industries including investment banking, retail banking, e-commerce and health care in the two decades since. Major projects included the integration of PayPal for Best Buy Canada allowing alternative form of payment for millions of consumers and the construction of Web & Mobile online banking platform for over 300 Credit Unions across North America enabling many millions of individuals conducting personal banking online.

In addition to Agile practices, Sunny coaches and leads Lean initiatives to help organizations eliminate waste. This includes helping teams to become more productive and to deliver more value to customers.  Sunny loves to coach and teach both Technical and Business agility principles using the latest Brain Science research to make learning both fun and interactive.

Sunny believes strongly  in continuous learning through reading, experimenting, and conversations.  He is often been seen at Agile Conferences and he is currently an organizer, speaker and co-facilitator for a number of Agile Meetup’s in Toronto.

Sunny has spoken at major conferences including:

  • Toronto Agile Community Conference 2018 – Spice up your scrum with Improv
  • Gatineau Ottawa Agile Tour 2018 – Powerful Techniques for Observational Coaching
  • Product Camp Vancouver 2019 – Different Approaches to Validating MVP’s
  • Triagile 2019 – Spice up your agility with Improv
  • Will be speaking at Mile High Agile 2019 (Denver) and Agile and Beyond 2019 later this year
  • Company:agile42 Canada
    Toronto, ON
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