James Shew

James started his professional life as a software engineer, working in a variety of industries in both large and small companies (aerospace, GIS, telecommunications, SharePoint development, eCommerce, video games). This exposure to an array of  environments and a keen interest in team and organizational culture were precursors to making a career out of helping teams work more effectively by harnessing  agile thinking and frameworks.

James lifted off his first agile development team in 2013 and ever since has been training, coaching, and advising  teams and management on agile methodologies. Operating as a scrum master and an agile coach, James regularly helps in training and lifting off new agile teams, as well as helps existing agile teams reap the benefits of agility by getting back to agile fundamentals.

James’ motto is “You can only start from where you are – so face reality and move forward”. This epitomizes the way he works with companies: creating a focus on truly understanding the system we work in and enhancing the critical thinking of all involved. This puts the focus on how we can do better in the future, and not be held back from preconceived notions on how things should work.

  • Company:agile42 Canada
    Vancouver, BC
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