Dave Sharrock

Dave Sharrock has over 20 years experience working with product delivery organizations, from Fortune100 companies to startups, telecommunications to branded consumer goods, financial institutions to gaming companies. Dave helps organizations to understand and to realize the benefits of applying an Agile / Lean mindset to product and service delivery.

Dave worked across Europe, eventually acting as CTO for a social media startup before moving from Europe to Vancouver in 2010, to launch agile42 consulting in North America. A sought-after speaker and consultant, Dave is an expert on organizational change and agile product and service delivery

As an Agile Coach, Dave brings a unique perspective to product development from a history of working both on the service side – running the production department at a full-service web agency, and on the client side – leading online production teams at a major PC manufacturer and international social networking platform. A passionate believer in producing great results over teaching agile dogma, Dave has a way of introducing agile change that focusses on delivering results while driving cultural change by adopting an agile mindset rather than any single framework or methodology.

Recently, Dave has brought the agile mindset and perspective to non-technical organizations such as schools, municipalities and university boards.

  • Company:agile42 Canada
    Vancouver, BC
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