Daniel Lynn

Daniel began developing software professionally in 1997 working with Rutgers University and various state and federal government agencies. In the two decades since, Daniel has owned and operated his own custom software company and developed distance education platforms, datacenter management systems, and many other types of applications.

In 2006, Daniel began working in an agile team with Scrum and XP practices and has never looked back. These years in agile development provided many experiences creating industry-leading systems by aligning technical expertise with business value through agile practices.

In the time since, Daniel has worked with teams as a scrum master, team manager, and agile coach at different organizations. Like the rest of the agile42 team, Daniel draws on his rich background to help other teams find their best path in creating great solutions for difficult business problems. He helps teams find and apply agile practices that work for them, whether that is Scrum, Kanban, XP, or another approach.

  • Company:agile42 USA
    Denver, CO
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