Solving World Peace with Coaching Structures

Most scrum masters, coaches, and managers drive their decision-making with intuition. Unfortunately, intuition isn’t always enough when it comes to more complex challenges, such as developing high-performance teams across the organization. Marrying intuition and experience with a structured approach helps a good coach become a great coach!

In this session, we will be learning about coaching cards: a tool that focuses on making it easier to understand and measure our coaching goals for our teams. We’ll be running a simulation that will give just enough theory, a bunch of practice on using and developing coaching cards, and show how you can make your coaching more teachable and shareable with others.

Attendees will leave this session with a way to structure their (coaching) efforts so that they spend their time and energy more effectively, can more easily share and collaborate on coaching teams, and have a better idea of where their teams are in the high-performance quest!

  • Learn how to use Coaching Cards to map out your team’s challenges.
  • Learn how engaging others in your coaching broadens your context of the situation
  • Learn how to pivot coaching to follow emerging situations
  • Leave ready to use coaching cards to structure your coaching and share your successes with others in your organization.