Making Effective Observations in Coaching

Our brains are surprisingly unreliable. We filter what we observe with our own expectations and sometimes we can even remember things that don’t happen. A coach’s job is to act as a mirror for their team, but without top-notch observation skills, that mirror can be blurry and distorted.

In this session, we are going to break down our observations into their components: fact-based micro-observations, patterns, insights, and inferences so that we can really understand what we’re seeing. These improved observations then form the basis for developing hypotheses about why the events are occurring and act as a bridge for turning powerful observation skills into meaningful growth for the team.

Attendees will leave this session with concrete techniques for more effective observation and avoiding common observer biases. The following session will build on these techniques to turn those effective observations into structured coaching actions!

  • Learn what makes for effective observations and
  • Learn about what trips us up and how to account for it
  • Discover how working with others can improve our perspective
  • Leave with concrete techniques for getting more out of your observations