Journey to Resilience: 3 Years of ups and downs with agility at Best Buy

Early 2016, Best Buy Canada made the strategic decision to deliberately move towards a more resilient organization, even though it was not known exactly what is needed to realize that objective.  Many lessons have been learned since then with a significant increase in value to the business, stretching far beyond text-book Agile..
This talk explores the steps taken and lessons learned in Best Buy becoming more resilient, viewed through the lens of ORGANIC Agility.   The key takeaways will be:
    • Non-negotiable decisions and actions needed before considering such a direction.
    • Safe to fail steps any team, department or organization can take to affect change.
    • Conditions needed for a leading edge resilient Agile organization.
In each case the points will cover how to lead, plan, work, communicate, and treat people.