Agile in Local Government: Resort Municipality of Whistler

Agile in Local Government: How Agile was embraced and became part of the cultures of the RMOW’s Public Library and IT Teams

What happens when a library Director, an IT Manager and an agile coach have a conversation in a mountain setting? Agile adoption in an unlikely place: local government. Join Elizabeth Tracy and Kerry Ing  from the Resort Municipality of Whistler who will share what happened when the IT department and the Library joined forces to start an Agile culture in their departments and the organization. By implementing simple Agile concepts and rituals both IT and the Library have made significant cultural change improving transparency, resilience and accountability. This session is intended to demonstrate how Agile can be applied outside of traditional development environment in places like local government and the non-profit sector. This session will also emphasize how Organic Agility influences leadership thinking to value cultural awareness and inform decision-making.