Event description

This track will be an all-day team coaching workshop. Get introduced to ORGANIC agility through the keynote and then jump into a four session agile team coaching workshop. The coaching workshop will cover coaching stances, effective observation, coaching structures and how to measure and cultivate continuous improvement. Participants will go back to their teams with a number of things that will help both themselves and the teams they are guiding.

Our Team Coaching Workshop is not only for current agile coaches. It is also for Scrum Masters, team, department and technical leaders. If your job is to help a team grow their capabilities, these sessions are for you! All you need is a solid foundational knowledge of Agile and an interest in helping others succeed.

Each session will be 45 minutes long. There will be 30 minutes between sessions. Why such long breaks? We will be having our speakers and coaches spread throughout the venue during these times for deeper, individual discussions. Allowing time for informal conversations, questions and discussion whether between speakers and attendees or amongst the attendees has proven to be incredibly valuable to people attending conferences like this!

Would you like to send a group? Have questions? Contact na-office@agile42.com.