There has been a shift in focus from agile at the team level to agility within the organization as a whole. The leadership agility track is suitable for those that want to learn more about how to make their organizations more resilient and more adaptable to change. Learn about the importance of a cultural awareness and cohesion, using safe-to-fail experiments to guide strategic direction and focusing on value. These are just three of the five key principles within ORGANIC agility that you will learn about. All five will be delved into during the keynote and interspersed within the experience report style talks by our speakers!

This day of sessions will be more about agility as opposed to Agile. The sessions within this track will not focus on how to stand up agile teams, team level frameworks or methodologies. Learn about ORGANIC agility, the principle based meta-framework that helps companies recognize and address the complex situations they face daily. Learn the importance of shifting the view of organizations from a mechanical metaphor with prescriptive approaches to viewing organizations as organisms that are complex, interconnected systems within a world where the rate of change is accelerating. There will be sessions from Best Buy Canada, Resort Municipality of Whistler, HSBC and a session on complexity thinking and decision making using the Cynefin framework.

Each session will be 45 minutes long. There will be 30 minutes between sessions. Why such long breaks? We will be having our speakers and coaches spread throughout the venue during these times for deeper, individual discussions. Allowing time for informal conversations, questions and discussion whether between speakers and attendees or amongst the attendees has proven to be incredibly valuable to people attending conferences like this!

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