agile42 is proud to present the ORGANIC agility conference. This is really two conferences in one with two distinctive tracks. This conference is not aimed at entry level agile education. Although the leadership agility track does not necessarily require a foundational knowledge in agile methods and practices, the team coaching workshop does.

Learn more about ORGANIC agility at www.ORGANIC-agility.com.

Both tracks start the day with the keynote introducing ORGANIC agility: “From Agile To agility”. ORGANIC agility is a principle based meta-framework to help companies become more resilient and adaptive to the changing market landscape.

The Leadership Agility Track is a series of traditional presentations and will feature sessions on bringing agility to organizations. These will include talks from Best Buy Canada and the Resort Municipality of Whistler among others.

The Team Coaching Workshop Track will be an all-day team coaching workshop. Our Team Coaching Workshop is not only for current agile coaches. It is also for Scrum Masters, team, department and technical leaders. If your job is to help a team grow their capabilities, these sessions are for you! All you need is a solid foundational knowledge of Agile and an interest in helping others succeed.

Need more information or would you like to register a group? Contact na-office@agile42.com.